Design Projects for Kitchens and Bathrooms by Evacocina in Malaga
Kitchen and Bathroom Apliances, Countertops, Ovens, Fridges, Air hoods, Sinks and Faucets in Malaga
Steps for realization of Design projects for Kitchens and Bathrooms
First step for Kitchen and Bathroom Design Project
Measurements of Kitchen and Bathroom for Design Project
Measuring space of kitchens and bathrooms for design projects
The process starts with the measurement of the kitchen  or receiving measurements provided by the customer.

Second step for Kitchen and Bathroom Design Project
Planning and Designing of Kitchen and Bathroom
Full Kitchen and Bathroom Design study, with 3D projections, three dimensions. Planning and Designing
Considering the idea and user requirements, we conduct a detailed and personalized study that culminates with the presentation of a project carried out with the most modern design techniques, which will be optimize the kitchen space in a functional and efficient way.
Third step for Kitchen and Bathroom Design Project
Carrying out of Kitchen and Bathroom design projects
Complete realization of Kitchen and Bathroom installation. Manpower
Based on the final project, and once all the details are defined, next step is the installation of the furniture and appliances at the customer's place by qualified personnel, continuously supervised by a responsible person. Finally we carry out free of charge commissioning of the explanation of the operation of all equipment.
The client also has a maintenance service throughout the life of the kitchen.